Lindsay, Barber, Coleman, or Jamaal Williams

I need some advice on my bench. I have a pretty strong roster, but my RBs have the same bye week and I need to prepare for that in week 8. I currently have Lindsay on my bench, but Barber, Coleman and Jamaal Williams are on waivers. Should I keep Lindsay or pick up someone else? 10 team .5 PPR

My current roster is:
QB: Russell Wilson
A. Luck

RB: E. Elliott
M. Gordon
R. Freeman
K. Johnson
P. Lindsay

WR: Hopkins
A. Robinson

TE: Burton

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

I try to make a 2 for 1 trade in these situations… it sucks to drop someone like lindsay bc someone will gobble him up immediately… try to get something for him plus one… as for who to pick up… its either williams or coleman for me… i think coleman will have a big game this week so id lean that direction

2 Thoughts. One, it’s too early to worry about a week 8 bye, you have no idea what will happen with injuries so I would just take the best available and worry about it closer to week 8. Thought 2, if you have a lot of week 8 byes, I’m typically of the opinion that punting that week in favor of dominating the rest of the bye weeks isn’t a bad way to go.