Lindsay for Jeffery or Thielen?

So, im 2-4 and im good at rb but no the best at wr. Got offered jeffery or thielen for phillip lindsay.
Is 0.5 PPR and my rbs/wrs right now are:
Rb - dalvin cook, carson, lindsay, coleman and singletary
Wr - hopkins, gallup, emmanuel sanders, john brown and desean jackson

What do you think?

I say yes to either option probably given you depth at RB. It looks like sanders is hurt at the moment too and he has a history of injury. If i was choosing I would go with Thielen since you already have D Jax and that could be tough deciding who to play every week if you had Jefferey too. Plus Thielen has been getting a good amount of red zone looks the past few games and minnesota is starting to figure out that passing is also an effective part of football lol.

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Thats how im feeling too. But i dont know who to pick up, if i take thielen id be starting 2 vikings… if i take jeffery id be deciding between 2 eagles WRs haha
I could try packaging lindsay + djax, but i dont know who do i want, because my opponent’s team is no very good:
Rb - kamara, kerryon, jamaal williams, ronald jones and royce freeman(dont know if hes going to drop him)
Wr - thielen, jeffery, josh gordon, robinson and golden tate

I’d rather Thielen by a decent margin

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so, thielen is now off the table because he backed out. Would you still consider trading lindsay for one of his players? He doesnt want to give me kamara or kerryon for obvious reasons, so Jeffery would be the most reasonable option here. How do you guys feel?