Lindsay for OJ Howard?

Would you trade away Phillip Lindsay to get back OJ Howard?

My other RB’s are
Mixon, Kerryon, Damien Williams, Gio Bernard, TJ Yeldon, Ronald Jones, Peyton Barber, Elijah McGuire, Kalen Ballage, D’Onte Foreman, Chris Warren

Mt TE’s are: Brate, Reed and Geslicki

I don’t pick in rookie draft until 2nd pick of 2nd round.

Lindsay was great for me last year, but he is undersized and shelf life on RB’s is short, expaislly undersixed ones not named Sproles (still injured a lot) . I am worried that Howard won’t make a leap with Arians in town since TE’s don’t put up numbers in his offenses.

Should i wait for our rookie draft and see if I can get one of the Iowa TE’s or take the gamble that Lindsay won’t repeat 2018 and Howard finally makes the leap. Year 3 is when it should happen

Thanks for providing your roster information. I’m assuming this is dynasty. How many teams? Do you consider yourself a contender?

I’m not sure that I would make that trade today. That said, I traded Lindsay (in-season) for Njoku. But I needed a tight end to make a playoff push.

I would not put much emphasis on your starting lineup. Lots of time before you actually have to set one. I’m considering if Lindsay’s value is more or less than Howard.

With Lindsay’s late season injury and Howards off-season hype train - I’d almost consider this a push. Meaning the tie-breaker is position. RB is almost always going to be more valuable than TE.

I would 100% look to sell Lindsay. His dynasty ADP right now is 41 (source = DLF). That needs to be capitalized on considering the circumstances. Can you try to make a trade for WR? Woods, Kupp or Corey Davis are around the same ADP. In my opinion those player are much more valuable.

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Yes it is dynasty and yes i am very much a contender. Had best record last year and finished 2nd. Was helped out by some teams having bad weeks against me, but still scored 2nd most points Taking Mahomes as 1st QB 2 years ago paid off big time

10 Teams. 43 roster spots, we play 6 IDP players a week (2 at each level, so that’s 9-11 roster spots, i like to keep IDP at 3 per spot)

WR is pretty solid position for me in the present and i think going forward as well
AJ Green (traded this years 1st and Jordan Howard to make push last year then he got hurt), Kupp, JuJu, Kenny Golloday, Robert Foster, Dede Westbrook, Chris Godwin, Desean Hamilton, Devante Parker, Valdez Sacantling. Paul Richardson

2RB, 2WR, 1 TE 1 Flex.

TE is by far my worst postion and the person i would be trading with has Kittle (won’t trade)

Love the detail you put into this! Really helps me think from your perspective. I am a big fan of your WRs, although I’m not actually a fan of Green the fact that you have Juju, Kupp, and Golladay is fantastic. Mixon, Kerryon, Damien, Foreman and Warren immediately catch my eye as having potential. Lindsay is good though, and he has that chip on his shoulder so I’m kind of a fan boy of his. With all of that said, you do need a TE for this next season. I see the reasoning for this trade mostly hinging on Reed being not reliable and Brate being in the Arians system and competing with OJ.

If I were in your shoes, I don’t think I make this trade, yet. I want that 3rd/4th “starting” RB, that is assuming Kerryon gets to start next year. If Kerryon isn’t starting then you’ve got Mixon and Williams and if Williams looses the job, you don’t have much to fall back on after that. If Foreman is announced as a starter, or Yeldon lands somewhere favorable maybe then you can sell Lindsay. I’m just not sold on OJ Howard in the Arians system as of right now, especially with Brate there. If you really need a TE now, and you want a cheaper option I’d consider Dallas Goedert. The only WR staying in town for the Eagles is looking like Alshon who has his own issues. Ertz is well regarded as a receiving threat and so if no huge name WRs join Alshon then it’s Alshon and the TEs for ol’Wentz-ylvania! Gronk and Hernandez managed to be both relevant if I remember correctly! For now though, I don’t trade Lindsay.

“I’m just not sold on OJ Howard in the Arians system as of right now”

This is my biggest concern with the trade. I also think i can get a rookie TE in the draft. it’s only 3 rounds and snakes, so i have the 12th pick, but even then it’s really tough for Rookie TE to produce.

My offer was Lindsay for Kittle and they countered with Lindsay for Howard. But Arians and TE’s isn’t something to write home about.

Lindsay and Howard are the same age (turn 25 this year). If Howard makes a leap he could be good for 5+ years where as Lindsay is a 4 year guy. (i’m probably over thinking this fro dynasty purposes)

Goedert would be tough to get, that dynasty team is bad so he’s holding all his young valuable players and not making moves to get better today.

I’ll likely wait till after our Rookie Draft and see who I get there. I can likely get this trade any time between now and training camp unless something happens in OTA’s. also like to hear some news about Howard from that time too.