Lindsay or Cohen for Kittle?

I need some help at TE but am I giving up too much here?

I’m deep enough at RB to let one of these guys go with Conner, Bell, White in my RB stable as well.

If you only have those 3 RB’s left in addition to Cohen/Lindsay, I would probably prefer to go to waivers for a TE. In a standard league, maybe. PPR, I wouldn’t do it.

I have Engram as my current TE but my confidence in him is very low.

Should I just hold tight? Uzomah is available right now, but I can’t drop Engram to get him surely?

Do you have anyone else on your roster that you could potentially drop so you could stash Uzomah?

That’s the complex thing, given I’m carrying an injured Kupp and Bell I can’t afford to.

I only have room for one TE hence my thinking to upgrade to someone better

I feel ya. What RBs does the Kittle owner have? Also, does your league have an IR slot?

No IR slot sadly.

Kittle owners RB’s are Chubb, Booker, Crowell, Foreman and Marshawn Lynch.

I could get fruity and offer Cohen/Engram for Chubb/Kittle?

I wouldn’t blame you for picking Uzomah over Engram, but I would hold tight with Engram. If you drop Engram, he’ll be picked up, so he has trade value.

I would float the trade to see if there is interest. Chubb and Crowell are his starts at this point and if i were him i would not feel comfortable with that week in and week out.

Agreed. Hence the ideas above.

I might try Cohen/Engram for Chubb/Kittle


That’s a good trade for you if you can get it, but I doubt you will. Good luck-

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