Lindsay or Coleman

Which of the two would you start for all the marbles?

Definitely Lindsay against the raiders

Lindsay. Hes gonna eat!

I’m a Lindsay owner. Since Sanders has been out, the Broncos offense has sort of stalled and defenses can focus more on stopping Lindsay. That’s why his last two games, both good matchups, have been pretty poor (though he scored in one of them). I’m not saying I’d start Coleman, but this is a genuine concern for me and I’m looking at starting Damien Williams or even John Kelly (if Gurley doesn’t play) over Lindsay.

So would you start Coleman over Lindsay? Luke Kuechly is all that Carolina defense has right now and he feasts on RBs. I’m also debating starting Ryan over Russell Wilson due to how shot the Panthers offense is right now especially with Newton out. Ugh, first world problems :slight_smile:

I just read Evan Silva’s preview for the Broncos vs. Raiders game. One thing that swings in Lindsay’s favor is that his targets are up the past couple of weeks. He wasn’t really being used much in the passing game for most of the season (that’s Booker’s role), but maybe the Broncos will continue this trend. If it’s half or full PPR, that might be enough to give the edge to Lindsay. Oakland should definitely be a good matchup for him.