Lindsay or Collins RB2?

.5 PPR Lindsay or collins?

Lindsay is in a timeshare and looks great. Collins also in a partial time share but has been struggling to hang on to the ball…

Which way are you leaning? The talk out of Denver this week is that they want to give voice Freeman more utilization. Buck Allen has been stealing touches from Alex all season but hopefully that benching Collins got from the goal-line fumble last week does more to motivate him to perform. have you looked at the over unders from Las Vegas for both games? Have you looked up each player’s DraftKings and FanDuel prices?

Leaning more Collins, I have heard they have been working on fumbling drills all week with Collins and they feel confident.

I’d lean more Lindsay. Denver could dominate both sides of the ball here, and given the lack of Den getting the ball to their WR, I could see them start the game off with more confidence building dump off passes to Lindsay. Collins really is 1 fumble away from serious pine time is what worries me with him. Cleveland’s Run D is solid and expect Allen to be more of a vocal point of the O.

I’d lean Lindsay. He looks great. He’s on ST too in case your league is a return yards league. With that said, I think my brain says Collins does better this week. :unamused:

Collins hasn’t had too much luck his time share, so that’s always on the back of your mind.

I think they’re both kind of close this week in production. STD, I’d go Collins. PPR, I’d go Lindsay.

But again, I think they’re close. Maytbe around 10-14 pts.

I say Collins. The Browns were terrible against Marshawn Lynch last week, and Collins is a similar type of RB. Also, it feels likely that the Ravens will get a lead and try to just keep the clock moving and keep possession. That will call for a lot of running plays, which is where Collins is most valuable (whereas Buck is more involved in the passing game). I’d go with Collins, but both of them are good plays.

Lindsay vs. the Jets isn’t a bad option at all. I just see Collins being fed the ball 15-20 times in a pretty easy victory for the Ravens, so I’d prefer to play him.

Definitely feels like more of a coin flip. I feel like Collins should get more play time. With that said would either of these guys be flexed over jeffrey?