Lindsay or Yeldon?

Full ppr. With new still coming out on Cook that he was a DNP, the cook owner in my league also has Fournette and is thin at RB. i want to offer him Yeldon again, and maybe drop him a message so he actually responds. But in doing so, i’d need another Rb2 for this week. Should i Start Lindsay tonight?

You should for sure start Lindsay regardless. Arizona is terrible against the run.

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So you are giving him Yeldon for who? I feel that Yeldon can continue to be a big factor with fournette out for a couple more weeks, so why give him up

I’d be getting Cook. I know he was a DNP today though.

Anyone else think i should start Lindsay over Yeldon?

Yes for sure. Yeldon is pretty banged up and hes not built to be a lead back thus the reason hes hurting

I’m starting Lindsay over Howard in one league and I think Howard > Yeldon so why not?

My other league I’m thinking about starting Kerryon over Yeldon.

How do y’all feel about starting Breida over Yeldon in that case, assuming they’re both healthy starts?