Lindsay vs Ekeler ROS

Full PPR, who’d you rather have? I have Gio that’s taking up a roster spot now with Mixon back

you’re gonna drop gio? i don’t think that’s a good idea right now at all. Lindsay 100% ROS, but don’t drop Gio to get him. Drop someone else assuming you can

We dont know about Mixon yet, and he could always reinjure himself, and they could decide to split it more evenly based on Gio’s performance or something initially…i would hang on to him if you can. if you really can’t then don’t hesitate to get lindsay though. he is a strong RB to roster

Well i just offered the mixon owner Gio and Njoku for Kittle as she already has Jared Cook. Pending how that goes, i may have an open roster spot for Lindsay. Starting Yeldon and Michel right now until Bell is back with Ajayi on my bench.