Lindsey, Josh G, Lockette for Hunt; Who Wins

Title says it all.

I received Hunt for the trade in the title just now, 2 hours before my trade deadline.

So boys, how’d i do!?

You got the best player in the deal, so you win.

Now the commish of our league is complaining that this trade makes my team the best roster in the league, and that it wasn’t fair because i didn’t give up my OBJ or Hopkins.

Also, because Lockette was part of the trade ( who is playing tonight ) the trade won’t process till Tuesday, so i won’t get to use Hunt this week and won’t receive him (if i even do) until his BYE week.


If Lockette is on your bench it should go through after the review period, unless your league has a setting that prevents a trade being completed if a player has already played regardless of them NOT being in your lineup.