Line-up Advice - courtesy of injuries and byes

Hey ballers, difficult question - so I have a tough game against the number 2 team, and this is whats left of my lineup. Should I swap out any WRs -like Woods (vs CIN) for Stills (vs OAK)?- or should i bench Jacobs in case he doesn’t play and throw Edmonds to RB2 and play Robby Anderson Flex? I am new to the footclan so any and all advice is welcomed! The start/sit device on the site has advised Woods to stay but he has disappointed me a lot and not sure on others’ matchups…

QB: Russ (vs ATL)
RB: Saquan
RB: Josh Jacobs (dnp/injured, but plans to play) (vs HOU)
WR: Woods (vs CIN)
WR: John Brown (vs PHIL)
TE: Waller (vs HOU)
FLEX: Chase Edmonds (vs NO)

Theilen (injured dnp obviously)
Amari Cooper (bye)
Kenny Stills (vs OAK)
Robby Anderson (vs JAX)
Mattison (already played)
Dak (bye)
David Johnson (injured)

i would keep woods in. John Brown feels like the safest between the 3 options.

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