LINE UP HELP, 1st week Playoffs

My current line up:
QB - Carr
RB1 - Bell
RB2 - Burkhead
WR1 - Fitzgerald
WR2 - Lamdry
FLEX - Perine
TE - Seals-Jones

BENCH: Kareem Hunt, Drake, Funchess, Mccown

Any suggestions?? My main concerns are leaving Hunt, Drake and Mccown benched. Also, I could pick up Burton or Anderson to replace Seals-Jones.

I’ve been debating on playing McCown as well. I would probably put Drake into your lineup but it brings up the question of taking out Perine or Burkhead

Really Perine over Hunt? Am I missing something? I know we’ve been waiting almost 2 months for him to bounce back but he’s all they have at RB in KC and it’s gonna happen. You don’t want him on the bench when it does. It’s a risk but I’d play hunt

Well that’s what I’m debating, this would be my 1st time benching Hunt but it’s my 1st week of playoffs too. You would start him over Drake and Perine?

Just what I’d do, I’d play hunt or Drake. Perine is a risky play as there’s alot to divide in that offense

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