Line-up help for today!

12 man league, Full-PPR.

I think I have a pretty good team. Need help with some start/sit advice.

QB - Wilson
RB - Cook, Lindsay (start?)
WR - Hopkins, Thielen
TE - Ertz
Flex - Boyd

Bench - M. Andrews, McLAurinm Hardman, Breida, Fuller, Brown, Michel

Obviously, with Gurley out I picked up Brown. Can I play Brown over Lindsay? But, I do not like Brow going against 49ers defense. Second, is Boyd the best Flex play? I kinda want to play Fuller in this shootout game, but I like Boyd going against Baltimore’s secondary.

Any thoughts would help.

I think I still start Breida over Brown and Lindsay, personally. Brown will get the volume, but the Rams O-line has struggled while the Niners are the best run D and haven’t even given up a TD on the year. Breida has been a stud and the Rams D is a much softer matchup.

For the Flex it depends on your matchup. I’d prefer Lindsay, who has been efficient with his touches and has boom potential, and the Titans have been susceptible to pass catching RBs. I think Boyd is the volume play if you just need guaranteed points and Fuller is the homerun ball if you’re facing a juggernaut

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Thank you!

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