Line up help please. tough flex

Half ppr start 2 rb 2 wr and a flex

Kamara v TB
Mixon v @Jets
Patterson v Car
D. Harris @LAC

Keenan v NE
Diontae v @Cle
Thielen v Dal

Kamara and Mixon are pretty locked. so what two WR do you start and then out of
Patterson, Harris, the 3rd WR who gets flexed?

Any thoughts as always are appreciated

I would start D. Harris in the flex. For WRs, I would start Diontae and the Allen and Thielen are a coin toss.

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Thanks I feel like thats what I was leaning but Patterson just keeps doing it so benching him seems wrong.

The Thielen v Keenan is tough I feel like Keenan is bound to go off, Thielen has been up and down but Dallas is a great matchup to also have a good week.

I think Thielen hesitantly?

Projected down a fair bit so need to play for the boom performances