Line up help -please

Should I start cooper or baldwin in my flex?
If not should I drop someone to add smallwood or desean jackson?

Jeez what a tough call man. I feel for you there. Amari or Doug.
Do you want to be:

A) Kicked in the nuts


B) Kicked in the nuts


I know right, I wish I had breida or kerryon or tate for this week in a bye week frenzy!
I thought about dropping engram or cousins but I am not sure if smallwood or desean jackson is that much of an improvement
part of me feels that cooper could win me my week but who knows so I had him plugged in temporarily

Go baldwin, raiders defense is suspect

Yeah DeSean Jackson could put up big number this week against the Falcons even with Winston not FitzM throwing, but I’m not sure he’s worth dropping any of your guys for one week.
Smallwood wouldn’t interest me really.

You could drop either Cooper or Cousins for him for one week, then maybe pick him back up next week.
Why have Cousins though if you gonna surely start Mahomes each week now he’s past the Jacksonville test? You only need to worry about his bye week very late in the season. Maybe trade Cousins to someone for a plug in for this week?

Or package Cousins + Cooper / Baldwin for a better WR?