Line up help

i had to drop mt defence to pick up morris and mcfadden when elliot went down

not sure who to drop to get one or if i just go without not many good options in the waiver

my team is
rivers winston

keenan evans

howard gillislee coleman montgomery kohen zeke mcfadden morries peterson

any thoughts

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@Abdullah_Oblongata @iTradeful

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Hey that’s a tuff choice man i would say package mauybe Montgomery to get a decent DEF or give a QB i would try to make a trade if possible i would keep the people you 100% have faith in ig you’re like idk about this person or if your not a big fan of a couple of peeps you have then package them trade maybe add 1 good person to convince them or pick the best DEF you can from waivers try to pick falcons or Loins or something decent maybe those are took but try you’re best and do what you can @ptbomillsy619 what is your tems ranking atm

I’m 7th ten man 2-3

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