Line Up Issues; Need to drop Someone

I’m in a 10 team standard league and I was able to get Morris and McFadden both on the waiver, however now I have to drop someone as I need to pick a defense. I kind of want to keep both and wait and see who is the better of the two as I really need RB. I only have Hunt, Freeman, and Darkwa

Who would you cut;
S. Shepard
D. Jackson
K. Benjamin
A. Jeffery
M. Stafford (My starter QB is Brees)

If those are your only WR’s I’d think about dropping Stafford. You mentioned that you need an RB but why would you need QB insurance? Brees is past his bye week and you could roll him from here on out as a match up proof QB1.

With all the injury’s this year I’m just worried if he ever gets hurt.

I also have Diggs, M. Thomas and G. Tate who I wouldn’t cut.

Depending on your weekly league starting roster configuration you do look like you have so many WR’s that dropping a WR would be the safer decision. Each WR you mentioned has drawbacks but the only WR who would get more of a downgrade would be Shepard (coming off 2nd ankle injury this year) as he is more of a ppr WR and on a team/offense that is a disaster (I’m a Giants fan). All the other WR’s you are thinking of cutting are very similar TD dependant low volume higher yardage guys tied to how their QB does week to week against defensive matchups.