Line up this week

I’m locked to the 2nd or 3rd seed just looking for max points now to try and set the season record for our league, ahead of the playoff run. I’m 30 behind the leader right now in 3rd place. Bench is privileged right now but any changes to be made for max upside?
Current Line Up - Standard Scoring
QB - Cam
RB - Jones
RB - Mixon
WR - Allen
WR - Moore
TE - Ertz
Flex - Cook
K - Badgley
DST - Titans

Bench - Melvin Gordon, Cohen, Justin Jackson, OBJ, Green, Broncos DST

  1. OBJ doesn’t belong on your bench, don’t get cute

Vs the Bears with nothing on the line for me until the playoffs… Can he outscore the vast majority of starting players in my line up with the right matchup, yes, will he this week, based on the other matchups i think his upside is capped in a standard format with less chance to go off than normal.

Flex wise it’s really OBJ, Cook or Cohen not sure who i would gamble on getting more points this week. Matchup says Cohen but the volume is a concern

So I guess I’m not the only one questioning OBJ’s potentail this week. Shurmur is a bad quarter/series/half away from putting the hook on Eli and against the Bears this could be the week. I’m in rd 1 of the playoffs already and while I find it nearly impossible to bench OBJ, it’s certainly on my mind. I also have DJ Moore, Chubb, Gus, or Josh Adam’s, maybe even Gronk available to swap in for OBJ at flex.

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It’s certainly very contrarian and generally will be widely frowned upon and the ‘start your studs’ mantra does ring true more often than not. If i had a game on the line i may think differently but i really think that Eli wont have time to breath let alone pass more than a check down or quick slant with Mack and co in his face all day. It’s very against the grain but if you had to pick a matchup with OBJ’s QB situation for him to give you a solid 5-8 point outing this would be as good a bet as ever. I think Moore has that as his floor this week in a polar opposite matchup and would expect maybe 100 and a touch realistically for him.

Season on the line though that’s a different ball game, the process is the same but benching a stud is incredibly difficult. If i was behind big though i would play Moore over OBJ though is how i would justify it here because based on the matchup Moore has the better odds of putting up bigger numbers this week.

My season is on the line, although I have a second week to make up for any potential low output games from OBJ.