Linear or snake rookie draft

It wouldn’t let me create a topic under “draft” in the community for some reason so here it is.

We are starting a dynasty league this year and adhering to the Footballers dynasty startup rules for the most part. There will be separate rookie and vet drafts in year one. Vet will be snake and the rookie I was debating snake or linear. Thoughts on either? Footballers startup is snake then linear each year after. Why not linear from the getgo?

Linear promotes competition by giving last place finisher the first overall pick in each round. In your inaugural year though, no one is better or worse yet. So if you were to get first overall pick in a linear draft in year one, you have a gross advantage over your league mates. Would make no sense to do linear in year 1

I’ve never quite understood why anyone would do a separate startup draft for rookies. All it does is lead to imbalanced rosters, IMO.

I am starting up a dynasty league this season and was planning on doing a separate rookie draft. Can’t say I have a rationale for it other than having a platform to meet everyone (rookie draft day). You bring up a good point though

I agree with @Ricky87 here as well, I’ve not too long ago finished my dynasty start up draft and I did one draft, slow picks option. It does balance out more in my view and encourages people to think a little more on roster construction with vets and rookies.

Going forward though i will face the same dilemma next off season, i agree with linear as it’s the same as the NFL but after the first couple of rounds of a straight rookie draft the drop off will be high in talent so it really does reward the lowest ranked teams for the first 2 (maybe 3) rounds and then its a crap shoot, plus it makes the top teams really think about who they take - and encourages player and draft pick trading to move up and down etc

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Annual Rookie drafts should always be linear where the weakest team receives the highest picks. It’s in the best interest of the league.

For a startup followed by a rookie draft, I would run both as a snake. The rookie should be the inverse of the vet startup. However, I would typically only split these draft if the startup was earlier in the off season. Now that the Free Agent period and NFL Rookie draft is complete - I would combine vets and rookies for a single startup draft. Despite rookies not hitting the field the decision to choose a Ronald Jones in his situation is the same as Jerrik McKinnon by evaluating talent, situation and opportunity.

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