Lineup Advice: Ran into Luck/Ebron/Sony down 72.1-0

I seem to be running into monster weeks. I am 2-2 with a team that I think is championship caliber. I am in a hole. I usually do not buy into the “go for high upside” plays when you are a projected points underdog, but this is a different scenario.

Two questions:

  1. Should I drop Njoku for Hooper as high upside boom/bust TE play?
  2. Any other areas I could tweak?

QB- Rivers
RB- Gordon
RB- Ingram
WR- Tate
WR- K. Allen
TE- Njoku
FLX- C. Davis
K- Lutz

BN- L. Fitz
BN- Edelman
BN- B. Powell
BN- D. Lewis
BN- A. Jeffery
BN- A. Cooper
BN- K. Johnson


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maybe alshon for cory davis? otherwise i think you’ve got things the best you can do. maybe keryon might be a better RB in a better preceived matchup, but Kev King is coming back from injury to help stabilize the GB defense, and the idiots in detriot insist on using a committee approach…

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Funny enough I have be swapping those exact players since I woke up and discovered the bad news (it was looked good when I went to bed, but 4th quarter was not favorable!)

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Wouldn’t drop Njoku for Hooper. Hooper constantly disappoints. He’s not very good and if you drop njoku, doubt you get him back unless you blow some FAAB to get him back. I actually played Luck/Michel/Ebron stack in all my leagues this week as well so I’m siting pretty. But you’re team is pretty solid and definitely has the opportunity to counter it with your Rivers/Gordon/Allen stack vs a terrible Oakland defense at home. Pray for some passing TDs.

The only adjustment i might make is maybe Cooper over Davis. Cooper has the speed to leave Casey Hayward in the dust and if there’s one thing that hayward struggles with, its speed. And it’s going to be a pass heavy game script for Oakland.

Davis has potential as well although he faces white in coverage. Davis will get the targets for sure so he is safer but cooper might have the higher upside if he sees the targets. Whenever cooper gets 10+ targets, he blows up. Just a matter of whether or not Carr gives it to him. But if you don’t want that risk, i’d stick with what you have. You’re team has the ceiling to compete against that start depending on the rest of his roster.


I would also consider Dion Lewis against the Bills, he had been the better RB and the betting love would seem to indicate this won’t be a blowout