Lineup Advice - Start Freeman?

I need to pick 2 RB, 2 WR, and 1 Flex out of the options below.

RB options: Lynch, Lindsay, Breida, D Freeman, K Johnson
WR options: Hopkins, Boyd, Baldwin

I’m hesitant to start D Freeman coming off the injury. Am I overthinking it?

Currently have Lynch & Lindsay at RB, Hopkins & Boyd at WR, and Breida at flex. Breida is questionable with the late game, but can swap in Baldwin if needed.


i like Freeman over Lindsay, but Lindsay is the more predictable play. Freeman I think is the higher upside play. i don’t think freeman is going to be majorly limited or anything, but i think the game will be more pass-friendly. freeman def gets his share of dump offs from ryan too though. i’m playing freeman myself, but that’s by far my best option so not quite the same…


I’m going to need all the points I can get, so maybe Freeman is the play for the higher upside. The team I’m up against this week has Rivers/Gurley/M Thomas/JuJu/Tate/Kelce … definitely going to need a few people to blow up for me to have a chance.

Lynch and Freeman
Hopkins and Boyd
Flex: K. Johnson if any form of PPR. Lindsey otherwise

The Packers (my team) will not have their defense in order at Ford Field. With all the receiver injuries, I anticipate a close game with a ton of checkdowns to Kerryon and Ty Mont.

Good luck!


Thanks. Its 1/2 PPR. So you see Kerryon > Breida too? Even with the questionable work share for Kerryon and Breida up against Arizona?

Freeman historically has performed well first game back from being hurt and has generally been the same person after he returned as he was before, but I do have a little more pause with this knee because he has had issues with it since last season. I think he’s fine to go though and its a great match up.


GREAT POINT @psychosem17. Had a lot here remind me in another post I have here concerning Coleman and Freeman’s return that Coleman tends to do as well with Freeman back as opposed to on his own with Freeman out. Was concerned about starting Coleman, but…after all these points…just like yours…makes me feel better about starting Coleman this week. Was driving myself nuts over starting him this week. He hasn’t done squat lately…BUT…maybe that’s the key…with Freeman back…Coleman may get a chance to shine a little twinkle again this week!!! (I sure hope so!!!) Stuck with Dion, or Lamar otherwise!!! UGH :roll_eyes:

The perception of AZ’s actually pretty good defense is overshadowed by how bad their offense is. I feel AZ can stop checkdowns and A-B gap runs far better than my Pack.
Kerryons usage climbs up a bit each week, and GB can’t stop 3rd down well. Burned by checkdowns of 12-15 yards. It’s brutal. Kerryon should be used over Blount on passing downs. But Patricia does have a dumb loyalty to Blount that will surely cut into Kerryons snap count. Nonetheless, I feel he is your upside.

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LOL. Would somebody please explain this to me!!! LOLOL

Patriot connection. He remembers watching 18 TD’s in one year from Blount.

Blount is a leader in the locker room so its important to make him feel important. He wasn’t signed for his 18 td’s two years ago, he was signed to teach Kerryon how to be an NFL rb and bring an winning attitude to the Det locker room.

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@nmwree . Duh…I forgot about that. And that makes tons of sense. Forgot about Patricia’s love for Blount!!! Thanks buddy!!! Geez…this crazy game gets crazier every year, so makes it harder and harder to keep up, unless you’re able to keep track of all the changes that take place with all the coaching staff moving around from team to team more than ever these past few years!!! :roll_eyes:

AZ defense isn’t bad and their offense looked better under Rosen, at least good enough to keep the D off the field the entire game.