Lineup advice week 5

Hey guys!

1-3 in a 12 man league with 3rd points scored (brutal). Must win game this week so want some help! I have a pretty solid bench but am struggling assembling the best squad. I have Ingram, Yeldon, Ridley, and Davantae Adams. Of those 4, who are you starting at WR, RB and Flex and who are you letting ride the pine?

Yeldon, Ridley and Adams. Bench Ingram this week

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Kinda how I was leaning. Just hard to bench Ingram when I’ve been waiting so long for him.

Yea, I would bench him on his first week back. He might explode or be a total bust… but you cant gamble since you have better weapons at your disposal. Also, Kamara is putting up those numbers like crazy…

I agree with the above lineup

Yeldon and Adams are easily the starts here… maybe see if there is a WR on the WW that you can plug in flex… or just start ingram and put yeldon in flex. I don’t have faith in ingram performing like last year, as Kamara is an absolute beast and I think he’s going to remain the RB1. Ingram might vulture some goal line carries, but if you’re in a PPR league then you might find a WR on the WW that can match that production.

If PPR then the answer is easy - plug a WR in flex and sit ingram.

I don’t need WW for a WR. I have Ridley and Tyler Boyd as options. Was more wondering if I start Ingram and Flex Yeldon or start Yeldon and Flex Ridley which is what I’m going to do now. Thanks guys!

ohhh, you have the good Ridley… silly me, I thought you meant Stevan Ridley… yes, definitely start yeldon. Only downside might be corey grant stealing some of his touches, but who knows what Ingram is going to do. I think sitting Ingram is the right call here.