Lineup Assistance

Hey Footclan!! Need some advice for my semifinal game.

We play a 2RB/2WR/TE/2Flex nonPPR league.

My tenative starting line up this week:
QB: Brees
RB1: Bell
RB2: Hunt
WR1: Dez
WR2: Thielen
TE: Clay
Flex1: Morris
Flex2: D. Lewis
D/ST: Ravens
K: Zuerlain

Bench: A. Rodgers, Mixon, Gordon, Westbrook, Doctson and Blount

Question 1: Rodgers or Brees?
Question 2: Gordon/Westbrook over Lewis?

Any other advice or lineup suggestions is appreciated.

Thanks all!!

I’m assuming Gordon is Josh? If so I think you stick with Dion. If it is Melvin you play him.

Brees or Rodgers is tough but I’m leaning towards Rodgers. Mccown out should really hinder the Jets offense and if Brees doesn’t contribute to the early lead I’m anticipating the Saints to have (meaning Ingram and Kamar run in a TD each or something) I see them just running the clock in the second since Jets probably won’t be able to score.

On the other side, Rodgers and Cam should shoot it out all game. Carolina defense has been pretty bad as of late against the pass and we all know how horrible Packers D is. I see them trading punches in what should be a high scoring affair.

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Thanks for the adivce. I completely agree with your take on Rodgers. Brees has had a safe but middle of the road floor all year and relatively low ceiling from their run game. I’m leaning toward Rodgers right now.