Lineup Help! 1/2 PPR!

Point per first down, completions, first downs, long plays. 10 man 4 bench spots

I need a WR 2 and Flex, and ultimately need to drop someone for a kicker (gulp), unless I have enough upside to abstain from playing a kicker…


Bumping this up! Thanks!

I like your lineup as is, I feel if you put duke johnson up there in the flex spot it can be a good move and bad move, good because he gets passing and rushing work, bad because you have three players in your lineup from the same team! Mecole hardman is a good option as well but I am waiting a couple more weeks to see what he proves to me!

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@Steuck2488 thanks!

Was thinking of putting possibly sliding Sanders to the Flex and putting in Hollywood as the WR2… Or am I over tinkering and overthinking lol?

I like sanders in the flex (probably safer than Hollywood) but I’d probably stick with Gallup at wr2. I really like Hollywood but until we see him play more snaps he scares me.

Your not gonna want to hear this but if you have to drop somebody it’s probably aj green, not guarantee on when he comes back and no guarantee what he is when he does