Lineup help for week 8

Who would you guys select for one RB, two WRs and one Flex?

Doug Martin
Chris hogan
Will fuller
Brandin Cooks
Jay Ajayi
Devin funchess
Christian McCaffrey

I’m pretty torn on martin or Ajayi at rb. Martin has been faithful, but has a tough matchup. On the other hand Ajayi has been below average but has possibly the best matchup for his change in situation.

For receivers I’m considering Hogan Fuller and Cooks, with my main concern being whether I should only field two and stick one of the RBs I want in the Flex. What do you think?

Bump for help

Rb Martin
Wr cooks
Wr funchess
Flex ajayi

You would take funchess over fuller or hogan?