Lineup Help for Week15

QB: Lamar Jackson
RB1: Fornette
RB2: ?
WR1: T Hill
WR2: Davante Adams
K: Tucker

Guys to use for RB2 or Flex:

Chubb, Hunt, DeAndre Washington, Gallup or Slayton.

I am legit worried about Chubb, I get it, Volume, but he is in consistent RB2 low ceiling territory now, sure the floor is there, but this is the week of needing decent floor but with chance of huge booms.

Would Washington provide that more? The O-Line is better, in regards to the flex …Hunt Gallup or Slayton? I mean, Slayton seems to be Eli’s target, but Gallup has been pretty consistent too.

Basically, who would ya’ll throw into RB2 and Flex?

Also to note there are a few others on the wire, but nothing of note, maybe Laird or A. Miller, but I don’t feel like they’re really going to do anything as close to those guys.

I’d play Chubb (the cardinals defense is all the opportunity for “huge booms” you need) and Gallup given Cooper will probably draw Ramsey.

Something about the Cardinals feels like a trap game to me though right? Every single time they shutdown the 49ers(check Coleman and Mostert’s stats), also the Bucs and Steelers(in terms of rushing yards), I know they got crushed by the Rams but, recently they seem to have a decent run defense compared to say …the Jags?

Also I’m in full PPR if that helps with decisions as well, sorry about excluding that.

Gallup yeah, that seems right, kinda forgot about that matchup.

They’ve actually been worse recently against RBs than they were at the beginning of the year. Maybe Mostert and Coleman didn’t get the points, but someone did. I’d chalk that up to the RBBC that is SF. Not including week 8 when they gave up 38.4 points to RBs, they’ve since averaged giving up 85 yards and a TD a game for 23.14 points (higher than league average of 20.3)

See screenshot. Obviously play who you feel is best, but just wanted to give some extra info for context.

Yeah guess the decision is going to be a bet vs Quality RB’s in meh O-Line or …Average Workhorse behind Quality O-Line.