Lineup help, if you'd be so kind

Need RB and flex (full PPR): Ingram, Carson, Duke Johnson, Burkhead, Nelson, Parker, Thielen. Leaning Carson and Nelson, but Parker is interesting with this matchup, and I’m very comfortable with Thielen if Bradford plays.

I like parker here. Jay Cutler loves him and the Jets D is awful, Crabtree just got me 30 points in my league against them and I’m willing to bet Parker will do something similar

My biggest concern with him is actually that they won’t have to throw the ball, but in general I agree. Nelson’s matchup is pretty spectacular as well, and he may have less competition for targets. I think he can take advantage of the same weaknesses that let Sanders kill the Cowboys last week and has been a TD machine for the past half season or so. I think that one is really close.

I’m leaning Parker as well here but I think you’re safe with Nelson also