Lineup Help! Kamara OUT

Kamara (OUT)

Bench options that I’d play: Hunter Henry, Latavius or Tate

  1. Replace Kamara with Latavius
  2. Move Ingram up and Flex Henry or Tate

Please share thoughts!


Which Tate? Or should I say which “Golden”?

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Play Murray

Golden Tate NYG lol

Either way id move Ingram up to RB spot, and decide between those 3. That’s a tough decision: Murray plays Chi who is coming off a bye and is probably looking for redemption after Oak gashed them, NYG play AZ which is a juicy matchup but with Engram and Barkley back i expect them to work those two in heavily, and LAC play Ten which has generally been a good D. Other than Hooper who destroyed Ten D they’ve been fairly good against TE. That beening said they haven’t faced many good TE, other than Hooper theyre avg 4.2 tgt/2.6 cth/20.6yds/ 0.6TD, which makes them heavy TD dependent which is what Henry is good at. That said Murray will get more volume and Tate should have a good matchup as long as hes not matched up on Patrick Peterson. So my vote is Henry but can argue any of them really. Hope this helps.

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Really appreciate the in depth response. Murray and Henry play at 4pm so I’ll have time to decide how I want to play the flex for upside or floor

appreciate the breakdown. good point on chicago wanting to redeem themselves off a bye. what do you think about hicks’ absence