Lineup help! Last time I ask this I promise!

All you guys probably think I’m nuts but I PROMISE last time I ask lol! Scary Terry tonight or Antonio brown? Full Ppr league. I’m going back and forth, I love browns matchup hate Terry’s. But I think Terry is better overall. Also worried tamp might go up big and just run more or even rest guys. But Terry could get shut down by Bradberry who has done well against him before. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK!?!?

I think this depends on your roster and your opponents.

If you need a ceiling Brown might be the play but if you want the safer floor, Terry would be my bet. He still has plenty of upside, just capped a bit by the QB change.

That’s how I would split the difference, Terry could go off and won’t bust. Brown could have a big game but he could also have a Mike Evans last week line if Brady looks Evans way more this week and they connect.

Valid point, my team is pretty safe everywhere
Qb: Dak
WR: Ceedee
WR: Kupp
RB: Gibson
RB: Mixon
TE: Hockenson
Flex: AB or Terry

I lean more AB I went more in depth the other day about ab and tom but they have such a good rapport I don’t see AB having a Mike Evans week unless the whole team is struggling. My biggest takeaway from the Dallas game last week was how incredible AB was once he had the ball even on 5 catches he still put up 23.7 in my full ppr league

That’s about as safe as they come, I’d shoot for the upside and go AB. He won’t goose you but could easily tear the Falcons up this week in a blow out win.