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Lineup help please!


Out of the 3 who are you starting sitting and flexing and why… Doug Baldwin (Sunday night game, still questionable) Mike Evans (Giants D, Janoris Jenkins) or Mike Gillislee? My other WR is Julio and my RB’s are Lev bell and Kareem so I’m set there. Standard 10 team league, thanks for the help!


I’m always gonna start Evans, don’t care about match ups with him he’s too good. As far as the other 2, Baldwin plays late so it’s a huge risk to play him unless you have a backup ready if he can’t go. So Gillislee if you have no other options on Sun or Mon night.


That’s kinda where I’m at… it’s tricky because my only other option is Davante Adams tonight and with Cobb and Nelson back I don’t love him this week


I’d go Evans. Gotta start your studs and Jenkins still nursing that ankle injury


So who do you flex?


Probably Gilly. I like Baldwin more but I wouldn’t risk the questionable tag in a late game. Maybe try and grab a Paul Richardson for insurance and try and bank on Baldwin playing?


I’ve been considering that all week lol it’s such a good matchup against the weak colts D, just very dicey