Lineup help ... so many Covid problems

So I lost DJ Moore and David Johnson this week. Picked up Ty Johnson,but Gore might play. Have Pederson but Swift might play. Does anyone know the likelihood of Swift or Gore sitting out, which would make this easier? If they both sit, Ty or AP?

If gore and swift play I’d maybe go with deandre Washington in desperation if there’s no one else to throw in.

If no swift, then roll AP out in my opinion over Johnson . If both swift and gore play I’m out on Johnson and Peterson. You need to find another option

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Thanks. It’s looking like both Gore and Swift will play, which puts me in a bind. I have a claim on Washington, but won’t know until noon if I can get him. If not, I’m either forced to leave Johnson in, or play Fulgham, or Steve Sims, are probably my next best alternatives … or maybe even Jimmy Graham. It’s not good. TE’s get 1.5 per catch, so maybe Graham, but he goosed last week.

Kelce owner must dominate the league if TE’s get 1.5 per catch

Kelce is very good. I have Kittle in this league, and he was dropping about 20 per week prior to the injury.

I’ve been starting Jared Cook mostly, with some Graham sprinkled in since the Kittle injury. This week I picked up and am starting Eifort and Cook. Graham, if I put him in, would be my third TE active