Lineup Help - Week 4

QB: Luck vs. HOU
RB1: Melvin Gordon vs. SF
RB2: Jordan Howard vs. TB
WR1: Tyreek Hill @DEN
WR2: Antonio Callaway @OAK
TE: Trey Booboo vs. TB
FLEX: Royce Freeman vs. KC
K: Fairbairn @IND

Bench: Baker Mayfield, Austin Ekeler, Marlon Mack, Corey Davis, Josh Gordon, Eric Ebron, Cardinals D/ST.

Part of me wants to start Mayfield because Luck’s o-line and supporting cast have not been looking great. It’s a great matchup though on paper. I have also been thinking about throwing Ebron in at my flex spot over Freeman. I see Freeman having plenty of touches in this game against a terrible defense possibly without one of their top players in Dee Ford. But Ebron is basically the top receiver behind T.Y. in Indy. What do you guys think?? I’m 3-0 and would love to keep this streak going. Thanks for any help!

i would consider starting ebron with doyle out this week besides that it looks fine to me.

I’d leave your lineup as it stands.

Thanks guys!