Lineup help week 8 WRs

Hey guys, ended up getting both Corey Davis and kenny stills this week. Need help picking 2 WRs to play.

Brandin cooks vs cin
Sutton vs Indy
Samuel vs SF
Mclaurin vs Min
Auden Tate vs LAR
Davis vs TB
Stills vs Oak

I’m leaning Sutton for sure. Think it’s between cooks, Davis and stills. Just not sure who has the better matchups. I like stills because how bad GB played last week. I like Davis appearing to be the wr1 for Tenn. cooks has played big in the past though he’s been disappointing but it’s cin. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Damn, WR heavy aren’t we? Wooo.

Sutton and Davis would be my play.
Davis, man, put your money where your mouth is. LFG!
I would have said Cooks before but he just hasn’t been the same. Last week he should have gone off but had the most mediocre of games.

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Yes lol I didn’t think I was getting Davis and still. Week 10 3-4 WRs are on bye too. But I have dalvin cook, Chubb, ekeler and singletary at RB.
Thanks for your input!

Bump any other thoughts?

I probably go Stills. Oakland’s pass defense is awful. Rodgers just torched them, and Watson is currently better than Rodgers. Stills is taking Fuller’s spot and Fuller was getting a lot of deep looks. I think Stills gets at least 2 or 3 big gains and 1 TD this week.

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I feel I’m going to second guess it and most will do well and I’ll pick a dud.

I would do Stills & Davis

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Only think I’m worried about with stills taking over Fuller’s spot. Outside of the giant game, he never cracked 10 fantasy points.

He was still getting targets. As a Chiefs fan he dropped at least 2 if not 3 TD’s in that game.