Lineup Help WR / Flex

Full PPR, need to fill my 3rd WR spot and my flex. Garcon, Parker, or C. Davis for the third spot. Any of those three or Buck Allen for the flex. Thanks in advance footclan!!

I’ll be interested to what others say here because I have a similar decision to make between Garcon, Buck Allen, Hilton, and Golladay. Safe versus ceiling decision.

I have Garçon in my flex right now. I think he’s a safe bet for 6-7 receptions. But the others have higher ceilings. If you need upside I’d take Parker or Davis in that order because I think Cutty will force feed him even against good corners. If you need safe I’d roll with Garcon.

Yeah, Parker’s upside is too much to pass up with Cutler singing high praises of him. I’m going to roll out Garçon and Parker and wait and see if Allen is utilized in the Danny Woodhead roll.

If you’re looking for upside, its Parker. Garcon is going to be the safest play.

Ill go Parker over Garcon and then you can put Garcon at your flex over the other options