Lineup help?

1 pt ppr league

Trying to decide for my flex mainly. But any opinions are appreciated

I’d be really tempted to get Mike Williams In for this week vs Dallas, that’s going to be a high scoring affair and I’d want pieces in that game.

Herbert pushing the ball downfield more looks really good for Williams this year.

I’d pick one of the Tampa guys, it may have to be Evans that rides the bench. I think AB is safer than Evans and both have similar ceilings IMO.

Agreed, I don’t think I’d want to be playing Evans and Brown, even though on paper they should score more points than Mike Williams or Corey Davis. I would sub out Evans and play Williams/Davis/Kareem Hunt, who should be able to score a TD against Houston. I’d also try trading either AB or Mike Evans to diversify a bit.

I’d maybe take a risk and wait to trade Evans after this week.

If he has a decent stat line and providing Godwin and AB don’t get hurt etc he’ll likely fetch more. If he flops again then at least he didn’t hurt you this week and he’ll still have low end WR2 value with upside based on the team he’s tied too.

Maybe Davis has a good game again and you could go after someone in a 2-1 and get a safer player back.

Thanks guys I was kinda thinking the same thing. Evans is a headache. Would like to get rid of him. Sadly feel like a lot of people feel the same way lol.