Lineup issues for tonight

So I’m currently up 18 on my opponent this week but he has Jordan reed and crowder left and I have Chris Thompson left, but I also have mark Ingram on my bench should I swap Ingram for Thompson or leave it as is I’m 2-2 so a loss wouldn’t be catastrophic but I’d reeeeeeaaaaally like to win this week lol

I like Thompson for ceiling but Ingram for floor but I don’t think you can go wrong. Really depends on what kind of game you think Reed and Crowder have? If you think they’re both getting a TD and then some, and they’ll cover the 18point deficit and then some, then I feel like you’d go for the ceiling play however that also means you think the Redkins are going to put up a bunch of TDs on the Saints. Crowder and Reed would have to put up 30 points together, and either Ingram or Thompson score less than 13. Thompson always has boom potential and I feel like he has just a bit more than Ingram what with Alvin Kamara existing!