Lineup Recommendations

Hey there,

Appreciate any lineup suggestions as I enter the next two championship weeks.

Standard league.

QB - Prescott, Keenum, Foles?
RB1 - Gurley
RB2 - Elliott
WR1 - Fitzgerald
WR2 - Diggs, Pickup someone else?
TE - Graham
Flex - McCaffrey, Freeman?
Kicker - Tucker
Defense - Cowboys, Stealers, Seahawks?


If Rodgers plays, Keenum and Diggs are probably good plays. IMO if Rodgers plays its a shootout. If Rodgers sits and its Hundley my guess is MN D shuts down GB and MN tries to run out the clock.

JuJu or Bryant may blow up with AB out this week. If you aren’t confident in Diggs one of those may be a good wire pickup.

I think you should be good with zeke alone lol

and there has to be a better D out there, browns, ravens, someone

Keenum (been too consistent all season) > Foles (While he played well last week, he has only started one week and the eagles have less to play for) > Prescott (Not even a consideration, dump him if you need to.)

Diggs will be good

Freeman is running too well to sit, especially if coleman is still dealing with a concussion.

Stealers should get a couple sacks and a pick against T.J. Yates. I am not confident starting the Seahawks or Cowboys in what should be low TO running affair.