Lineup suggestions

Full point PPR in an 8 man league and I’m 6-1. Should I make any changes? Is there any position I should focus on improving, and how?

Current lineup:
QB: J. Winston
QB: J. McCown
RB: K. Hunt
Rb: M. Ingram
Wr: A. Brown
Wr: D. Baldwin
Wr: D. Thomas
Te: Z. Ertz
Wr/rb: J. Ajayi
Wr/rb/te: A. Thielen
K: Matt Bryant
K: G. Gano
Def: Panthers
Bench: D. Funchess
D. Amendola
I. Crowell
J. Allen
K. Rudolph
B. Hundley

That looks fine. You should try getting Alvin Kamara though by trading away Isaiah and Amendola.