Lions Backfield

Hey Everyone just wanted to get some more info on the lions backfield.
So I know Kerryon J is the new rookie in town, Legarret B has been traded and Theo R will probably own the 3rd down role. I am just wondering why no one talks about Ameer Abdullah? I understand he hasnt really delivered on how he was potentially drafted, but no one brings up that he can still compete for some playing time. This along with the 3 other rbs in town I really dont understand the commodity in Kerryon Johnson. Anyone else questioning Kerryon’s value?

I expect him to be cut or traded.

I don’t think Abdullah makes the final roster. He has been god awful with all the touches he has gotten. Blount better on goaline, riddick better at catching passes which is supposed to be Ameers strength, and Kerryon is just a better all around back. They don’t really have any use for him other than for depth/injuries.

And even if he does, I’d be surprised if he dressed for the games. Most teams don’t dress 4 RBs.

I guess I didnt really even consider Abdullah not making the roster. I see the talent and I just wonder how he hasnt performed. Plus the injuries i guess.

Athleticism does not equal talent.

Where do you see the talent? I don’t even think that game film exists at the NFL level.


If you don’t see talent then we can just agree to disagree. But not only does his jersey number match jerrick McKinnon, he even runs like him.


Brian Scalabrine’s highlight real makes him look like Larry Bird. Brian Scalabrine is not Larry Bird.

I’m not interested in what you can do on your best plays unless your average play is worth you being on the field.

I like your scalabrine analogy but let’s not get carried away.

Ypc between these two players isn’t even that huge of a difference…the only thing over the last 3 years that separates these two is receiving totals and let’s remember Lions have Theo Riddick who has been in top 10 in receiving targets the last three consecutive years.

I was going to let the Mckinnon comparison go, because I’m tired of this particular argument, but you would have been hard pressed to find a relevant back to compare Abdullah to that impresses me less than Jerick McKinnon. McKinnon is the most overvalued player in fantasy by a mile this year. He’s is relevant because of an assumed heavy workload for a RB friendly coach. He’s a mediocre player at best and I don’t want him anywhere near my real team or my fantasy team at his current price. I see him as this year’s Isaiah Crowell.

I was about to say this argument is all for nothing if Abdullah doesn’t even make a team and doesn’t get signed anywhere else. I want to agree with you but I don’t see Breida being relevant enough to take touches away from McKinnon. And if Jimmy G can play the way he did last season and McKinnon is the starting back I don’t how he could end up a huge bust unless injury… Crowell was on the Browns so any hope that any players should perform there is out the window. Josh Gordon is someone who fits that category for me. On browns and with Landry/Chubb/Dukejr with a draft price around the 3rd I’ll pass.

He won’t be as drastic a bust as Crowell was last year, but here’s the problem: throughout his career, more carries has meant less efficiency for McKinnon and he’s never come close to 200 carries. I don’t think he’s built for it in general and even if he does get it, i dont see much reason to expect he’ll be efficient. Breida is a quality passing downs back and I do think he cuts into both the pass catching and rishing workload a bit (put of necessity, if for no other reason). I also don’t think Williams out of the question for a real role…

Really, I see McKinnon as lead back I a legit committee. Something like the eagles last year.

I don’t think McKinnon is a talented runner at all. He’s a freak athlete, that’s about it.

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