Listener League Trade Offer - Your Input Please

Hi Footclan,

I am in the Listener League, and am agonizing over a trade offered to me by the two-time defending champ, Mr. Jason Moore, so I’m reaching out to the listeners for help. My current team pictured below. It’s a 14 person league (0.5 PPR, naturally), so the waiver wire is thin. I have been in talks with Jason to obtain Jordan Wilkins so I can shore up the Colts RB situation (yeah, I know, I didn’t like the way their run game looked in preseason either), and Jason made me this offer: My Julio Jones for his Doug Baldwin, Kelvin Benjamin and Jordan Wilkins. It would give me much better WR depth and make sure I had the starting RB for the Colts out of the gate, but obviously I hate giving up Julio. Jason also probably has the strongest roster currently, so this would not help in our endeavor to bring the trophy back to The Listeners. Your input please?

Pass. JJ is my WR4 and is my top vote for the WR1 out of any of the top 4 not named AB.

Baldwin’s injury is concerning and Benjamin isn’t that valuable to me. Wilkins is also just a dart throw. End of the day, you’re giving up a top 10 player for a 3rd/4th round pick + 2 super late round throw aways.

Too early in the season for me to make this trade. Especially if his roster is as strong as you say. I’d much rather trade with others in the league to level the playing field.

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