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Live Draft Tips


What are some tips you can give to a commish hosting a live draft for the first time? I am using the Google Doc provided by the Ballers for our draft board and I have already worked out a day and time that works for everybody. So what’s next? What else can I do,or tips for the actual draft night, do you have to make the live draft process run smoothly and be very enjoyable?


I have always made copies of a Top 200 list or Positional rankings list out of any random fantasy football magazine (not going to give the footballers rankings those I keep to myself) that way everyone at least has a player list in front of them to cross players off as they get picked that way they aren’t constantly asking whos still on the board. Obviously simple snacks and, if there is one on, a preseason game on in the background muted but at least football for people to keep them motivated. lastly have someone whos not in the league there who is willing to enter all the picks as they are made that way you can focus on your own draft.


The last point is huge! Last year my draft suffered because I was trying to do too much. Get someone who can take care of the administrative bs.


A cupl years back I handed out a top 200 from the previous year. Many laughs, but a cupl guys were seriously pissed, but the point was made, Your lack of preparation is not my emergency. and now I don’t give them anything except a draft sheet to fill out that helps me when entering teams into the website.


that’s actually not only hilarious but also not a bad idea because every year I do my draft (two player keeper league) I write out every owners team for them including what rounds the players they have would have to be kept in along with a list of players that had already been kept the max number of years and would automatically be sent back into the draft pool as well as give them the top 200 lists to track their drafts. it definitely drives the point home in kind of a light comical way, “Come prepared I have my own team to worry about”. I may use that this season thanks!


The draft sheet I make everyone fill out has name, auction price, bye week, team, on it. Saves me a Ton of work. And they have to hand it to me before they can leave.


Provide alcohol, don’t drink any yourself. You’d be suprise how many late round value picks are on the board because people get too drunk to realize what they’re doing