Live Draft

Is anyone using the UDK app or website to complete your draft or is it better to print out the cheat sheet? I know they dont want you to draft with the top 200 list but how do you know when to go from positional tier to positional tier?

I am going to use the mobile app on my phone this year. The added a cool feature that you can mark off players on the app when they are drafted. You can also print out a tiered cheatsheet

That sounds like the best option to me. Just wish the app would maybe track who you draft for your team and allowing you to look at your roster as opposed to just marking them as drafted. I dont think the app in itself is enough to get through a draft. Too much scrolling when you want to look ahead at the rankings.

Personally I like having a recently printed sheet with the tier breakdowns, you can see all the positions much easier than you can on a phone screen and its much easier to just cross a player off then it is to mark them drafted in the app. I would use the app/ website to look up info as the draft is going on, if needed.
It might not be a bad idea to have the top 200 available just in case but you should be using the tiers in the UDK to build the best team based on positional needs.
I would recommend using it in a few mock drafts to get yourself used to used tiers compared to just the top 200.

I agree. I just find the printed able Tiered cheat sheet Easier to read than the app. I have used the Tiered UDP rankings in alot of mocks and it was way more helpful than anything else I have used.