Live Fantasy Football Discussions on Twitch

So I had an idea…

Twitch is great platform for people to interact with others all over the world. It used to be just for viewers to watch people play video games, but over the last year it’s transformed to just a viewing platform where people can live stream while they’re out and about (they even have Thursday Night Football live streamed on there).

So I was wondering, would you guys be interested if I streamed live on Twitch with the sole purpose to talk fantasy football? People could share their rosters/questions/start-sit problems in the chat and I would help give some thoughts on it all with the help of the rest of the viewers. We could dig into some stats or watch some film together live on stream and discuss as a community what we think and live.

Thoughts? I would be thinking of using NFL game pass to watch some clips live on stream, but I worry that might violate copyright restrictions so maybe watching film live wouldnt work, but surely a live community discussion would be fun? (I know Mike does his Sunday morning live youtube but I’m thinking more for during the entire week?)

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Also HUGE disclaimer: I don’t claim to know everything and give the best advice at all! But I LOVE this forum and the amount of discussions that can be had here.

I’m personally already on Twitch for fun while I play video games anyways, and I had the idea of combining the fun of that with my love for fantasy football to generate some community-based chatter for us to talk to each other live.

I’d be happy to help out and answer start sit questions. Probably easier than me typing essays on here.

I’m also a huge gamer and used to stream on twitch as well but haven’t done so in years. Now just use it to watch esports events.


Thats exactly what I was hoping for, would love for you to be a part of it too because I value your input and work you put into game film

This sounds like it could be fun.

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I would definitely by interested in this. Use twitch almost every day.

Okay maybe I’ll post on this thread when I go live on Twitch and see if people can jump on and chat.

However I just realised unfortunately I’m in Hong Kong so I’ll most likely be on early mornings US time…but I encourage someone to take up the challenge too! Sounds like it could be fun