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Live MOCK Draft Episode + Draft Strategy


Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/podcast/live-mock-draft-episode-draft-strategy/

The Fantasy Footballers are back again with another mock draft episode! We receive many requests to do 2QB / Superflex mock drafts and we’re making it so! How much earlier do you take a QB? When do you take your 2nd QB? Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams for 2017 with insights…


What happened to the guy to the left of Drew Brees in the banner image? Is he gonna be ok?


If you do have 2 QB spots and are in a 12 team league then that leaves four teams on the short end if everyone needs 3 QBs because of bye weeks. That just seems unfair to those 4 members that dont get their 3rd QB. Ive never done 2 QB leagues. In my opinion the max members in a 2 QB league need to be 10 so everybody can have 3 without any problem. If you make it an 8 team league it helps everybody have 2 solid QBs and a decent backup while still having solid position players. I had just never understood why people do 2 QB leagues in 12 member leagues because of that predicament


I think it more doable as a superflex and/or 2qb max.


How does a superflex help how many QBs you need to take?


It makes it a less dire situation if one of your QB’s is on a bye week. Instead of being out all of your QB2 points, you’re out your (QB2 - Flex3) points.


I run a 1 qb 1 superflex league and it works out just fine. Some go extra heavy on RB or WR for that bye week. It also adds some strategy when teams are picking up qb so that other teams cant have them.