Live trade talk!

Okay I have someone interested in Henry, both squads below I’m after Yeldon to insure Fournette but what else would you look to do here? 2 for 1 for Henry or go big and try from Gronk here?

My team
Gordon, Fournette, Coleman, Clement, Kerryon at RB
Baldwin, Gordon, Robinson, Stills, Davis at WR
Reed TE

His team
Lynch, Carson, Yeldon, Kelley, Ingram RB
Green, Tate, Kupp, Jackson at WR
Gronk TE

Don’t. buy. handcuffs. Suckers move this early in the season.

I’d try for gronk. If you get gronk, the triple of gordon/fournette/gronk probably wins you the league alone. No1 else on his squad I’m that interested in. His squad is kind of trash tbh

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It was more a throw in ideally but yeah Gronk is the target he’s holding pretty tight right now… no interest in Green at all?

Definitely interested in green. I was assuming that he valued green more.

If he can part with green for some combo of henry + whatever, I would do that in a heartbeat.

I’ll see where I get to, wearing him down on Gronk will see what happens

So failed on the Green and Gronk trades for now, but the guy is on the fence. I’ve got an option to get Dalvin Cook + a throw away (trying for Goodwin that’s about all there is) for Henry, Robinson and Clement. Gives me Gordon, Fournette and Cook as the three RB start and opens up 1 or 2 bench spots depending on who i get back to grab maybe a Wilkins or upside WR to watch for week 1. Risky with Cooks knee but could end up with 3 RB1s here or at least 2 RBs and a high end RB2?

if you could get them that would be really good having Gordon and fournette with cook as a flex. if needing WR’s look for Washington, Chris Godwin, Mike Williams or John Ross on the WW I believe these guys will have a great year for the positions they are in, obviously not WR1 numbers but still really good for where they are.

I would do this trade. I’m not so much worried about knee as I am about murray vulturing goal line but if he is in your flex play, that is incredibly strong.

He’s thinking now, he has so little depth and really likes Henry so this could be a win will see if I can get a guy like Goodwin or even Freeman back (he’s a Falcons fan and was asking about Coleman) just to get some value. If not the wire has all the options @Springtx1983 mentions plus guys like Allison and Cole there which I didn’t realise who all have upside. Looks like the best deal I can get for Henry, also Murray is on waivers so I know he’s a cuff but worth the grab and hold for week 1 at least just to see the usage?

Wait you’re trading Henry for Goodwin straight up? Feel like you could get more than that.

I’d def take Freeman though. I’d give Henry+ for freeman in a heart beat.

I’d def take Cole off waivers. I own him like everywhere cause i pegged him as the guy to win out that receiver corps since like beg of off season. Got lucky and lee going down just helps even more. If you have game pass, go back and watch the game replay for cole that lee went down for. Bortles was looking to cole as his 1st and 2nd read basically every pass play.

I own Murray in one of my Zero rb drafts cause I think he’s actually more than a handcuff, i think he gets like 30% of the carries at least with most of the goalline work.

Oh no not straight up, think I’ve lost my way in this tread.

So it would be I give: Henry, Robinson, Clement or Coleman
I get: Cook and hopefully Goodwin or Freeman

I may give him all 4 guys for those three or the two backs and get one or two of the guys off Waivers like Cole and Allison?

I would do all of those trades you outlined immediately.

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