LM and Handling Roster Dumping

So I am the League Manager of my work League… using the ESPN Fantasy platform.

Last night a stat corrections went through and a team that was up by .6 has now lost by .4 and because of the lost they now do not make the playoffs… After they realized this they raged for a bit and then decided to drop all their players.

Another player decided to drop all their players and tried defending their actions saying they wanted to pick up the entire philly roster…

What is the best way to handle roster dumping on the ESPN Platform.

Players like this just annoy me. It is so much more fun to play with mature friends that you trust…Especially as LM. If you don’t trust your player and they don’t trust you, there’s always some bozo that accuses you of cheating or being dishonest just because he’s pissed at how you do things or that his team sucks…but I digress.

I would do one of two things:

  1. lock the players (I’m not certain if that is even an option on ESPN)
  2. lock the teams

At the very least, I would say to the playoff teams that those players shouldn’t be picked up in good faith. One way to discourage this behavior in the future is to enact a penalty for getting last in the league or even losing week to week. It’s frustrating managing a league with crappy players for sure