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LM reversing my Doug Martin for Zeke Trade- Thoughts?


Hey footballers, I traded Doug Martin for Zeke this past weekend after the news broke that Zeke was suspended with both parties fully aware of the situation. Now that Zeke’s status has changed, the LM is attempting to reverse the trade. Can you guys provide your thoughts? I feel taken advantage of as the other party gets a top 12ish RB (who he got to use last week), while I got to take all of the risk for no gain.

Your input is greatly appreciated as I’m hoping having additional input will change the decision made.


I’m with you, Joe. You took on the risk so you should get the reward. It wasn’t a situation where you knew something they didn’t.


With you as well. I think the only time a trade should be reversed is if collusion is involved, which in this case there is none. You took a big risk and it paid off.


Yeah that’s bullshit. That’s equivalent of him changing the rosters after the games because he didn’t know that some of his players weren’t going to do well. You bought low and took the chance. I’m with you.


Thank you guys! I also sent in a question for the mailbag, really hope they have a chance to get to it.


Yea the LM shouldn’t do that. The LM job isn’t to play dictator and make the league communist China. He doesn’t get to reverse trades whenever he feels the need to. His only job is to prevent collusion and prevent the strong taking advantage of the weak. MURICA! Also, Zeke got a temporary restraining order. He could still be suspended in two weeks.


You better stand up for that man, no way should your LM reverse that. You made a trade with another league member, and both parties knew the situation. It’s not even THAT much of a difference. Zeke has not been what he was last season, tell your LM to stop being salty, and stop going by name values. That trade should not be reversed.


Yea I would stand up to him. That’s complete BS that he is doing that. I’ve actually left leagues because of crap like this. You have to trust the LM or things can get sour pretty quickly.


As an update, I was just kicked out of the league for standing up against him and had my buy in forfeited, mind you I was tied for 1st in my division and had by far the best team with a VERY deep bench.


Holy ***** get the f out of here. I would seriously confront him about your buy-in. That’s not okay. Like I would confront him face to face. That’s complete BS. What a tool bag


This dude probably has a sad sad life. He probably has absolutely no personal power or personal authority anywhere in his life, so as a LM he feels all powerful like he can just bully people.


Unfortunately, the league is based in Dallas, and I live in Houston, and I’m less concerned with the money, as I am the time I committed to succeed in that league. It’s very interesting that the individuals agreeing with his decision just so happen to be the only teams I’m in competition with.


You got KICKED OUT for vocalizing your opinion? Is this LM serious?? Like another member said, the LM is NOT the one to make decision FOR the league, he or she should be there to facilitate, keep track of money, bring up changes to be voted on if needed, and stamp out collusion. Not just click buttons with ZERO input for other members.

It’s a shame that there are people out there like this that ruin the fun of Fantasy. But honestly, you might be better off without this league! Look to join a FootClan league this upcoming season instead, they’re sure to be full of like-minded people.


I’m in Dallas, I’ll talk to him!! Jk…but seriously that is a joke. I’m pissed off for you. Hard to not be bitter about that, but I would just move on.


Preciate you guys, just really frustrating…thought I knew the guy better, for fucks sake I played college football with the guy, thought he had better character than that. You live & you learn.