Loaded Team - Trade or Hold

Full PPR 12 Team - Roster QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, K, DST, 6BN

Team below, I have a free bench spot but was waiting for the week 1 cut downs to see if anyone suddenly gains value (Singletary etc). Drafted well and made a couple of moves for Cooper, Jones, Engram and Godwin. Should I try an aggressive two for one trade to get another stud RB or WR or keep my depth for a couple of weeks, and look to make moves with it from there to needy owners?

QB - Ryan
RB - Kamara, Montgomery, Jones, Bredia, Jackson, Darwin
WR - Allen, Thielen, Amari, Godwin, Samules,
TE - Engram
K - Badgley
DST - Stream (Cowboys will pick up week 1)

I’d hold tight for at least a few weeks as you might already have a stud RB on your team in DMont or Jones (or even Darwin should something happen to Damien Williams).

I was leaning that way too, was more leaning to moving two WRs to try for one of the big 4 guys. But I’ve drafted and traded for decent depth not in a rush to trade, the week 1 and 2 tilt always helps get the value too