Loaded WR help

Hi guys,

So I have a good problem that I could use some help with. Pick three to start:
Micheal Thomas
Keenan Allen
Adam Thielen

Thanks in advance!

id sit keenan this week

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I should add that it’s a 2QB league that I started Tyrod in so I’m not off to a good start.

Agree i’d sit Keenan, even more so that you played Tyrod. You need the best upside and Keenan while a beast will be limited by the Rams D. MT, Thielen, and JuJu should get the job done for you

Yes, sit Allen. The other 3 are up against crappy and/or injured Defenses, along with being better starts anyway. Def a good problem to have!

Thanks guys. I’ll give it a shot. I was having a hard time considering to sit Juju.

This week its Allen for sure. I have to play him because im not in your situation lol.

Also, you may want to consider trading any of them to a WR needy team(and if they are all on your team I am sure there is) and picking up a solid RB.

Here’s the thing, it was an auction draft in which I stayed out of the bidding for the big boys and value drafted. I ended up still getting Melvin Gordon. I also picked up Conner and packaged him in a trade for Saquon. So I’m sitting pretty at rb too.

Being that’s it’s 2 qb is it worth it to consider trading a Wr for an elite qb?

Who are your QBs?

Stafford, Taylor and Bortles

Stafford and Bortles are fine. Is there not a FLEX?

There is a flex but only 2 wr

Agreed Sit Keenan of those 4.

I hope its ok, I hijack your post and I ask this question, I need trade advice.

10 team 2 QB PPR Keeper league, I am playing the best team in the league this week and he has Mike evans I have Chris Godwin. I only have Luck and Keenum on my roster. I have been offered the following trade:

Receiving Fitzmagic/Carson (plus conditional 2019 6th round pick, if Fitzy gets benched for Winston)
Giving Devonta Freeman/Dante Pettis (plus conditional 16th in return)

I love the idea of having Fitz on Monday Night with Godwin and hedging my % opponent has Evans.


Who are you other rb?

McCaffery/Ajayi/Murray/Mack …WR are OBJ/Hill/Stills/Godwin/Allison with Gronk for TE

I think you are giving away pieces that have more season long value. Fitz is hot and could potentially win you this week however I am worried about him posting a couple of bad weeks and losing his job. Carson doesn’t do much for me . Honestly this is about short term vs long term and what is more important for you right now.

Any decent QBs on the waiver?

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Its a 2QB keeper league so not a single starting qb available and if he loses his job i get a 6th round pick next season. that is part of the trade.

That certainly helps. Could be a good gamble if Fitz keeps it up. Might as well take a shot at it :slightly_smiling_face: