Loads of interesting free agents need advice!

Standard scoring league and all these guys are free agents, I’m pretty loaded all over but want to know who’s the best pick up here for ROS value. Could also be a trade chip option as well for a couple of weeks time.

Jalen Richard, Cam Meredith, Tre’quan Smith, Goodwin, Coutee, Robby Anderson or Foreman?

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FYI my team is:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Cohen, Kerryon, Ito
WRs - Green, OBJ, Landry, Baldwin,
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

  • Plus 1 free bench spot *

Damn, this is difficult. I’d rank them best to worst combining all of their respective upside potential, trade value/scenarios, and volume stability, as:

Richard (Martin)
Keke (Marquez Valdes Scantling if available as well)
Anderson (but F that dude)

Richard and Martin could be useful to own together if possible. DeAndre Washington is there too and he’s not bad, so that prob makes it less worthwhile owning multiple guys there. But I jus don’t see Lynch really playing another snap this season as a Raider. Idk why he would, esp since they have implied IR for him, unless he can attain some performance incentive payday - doubtful. So it makes it yet another RBBC you could own for free. Same thing as Powell/Crowell, Duke/Chubb, Coleman/Ito. Like almost identical to all of those. Which is pretty darn good.

Hm. With your team, I think I’d go with Goodwin, esp in Standard. But would put Foreman on your IR first assuming it’s empty atm.

Might even drop an RB to add 2 WR’s honestly, unless it’s only 2 WR league.

You’re nwver gonna play any RB but Gordon and Mixon and Richard is a worse flex than the others.

Keke could be needed badly by somebody at some point this season. And Goodwin might just be good Bc the 49ers don’t look bad at all.

Thanks for the detail man, and that’s how I have them in my head as well. I was gutted I missed out on Chubb by 5 minutes to the guy who grabbed him.

To be honest based on my roster and the fact I need to have TE cover in week 9 for Ertz and cover for the Ravens D in week 10 these guys are more of a 2 week hold to see what they are and if someone has two good games I may package them for an upgraded starter or rotational player with a weaker team. Leaning RBs as a result, I think three owners have been impacted by the Lynch, Fournette, Hyde situation changes so there could be opportunity there in a week or two.

Richard has had a decent floor recently more in PPR but if he starts to get some carries with the receiving role he has he may be a solid own it’s just a shame he’s a raider… though if they trade Cooper the RBs could become a massive part of that offense so I agree he is number 1.

The rest are really dart throws in the hope of two big games for trade use, I’m not getting anyone I can really play over anyone I own right now tbh

I’m surprised Goodwin got dropped actuallyas he has a good matchup with LA who give a lot of big plays up.

Sadly no IR in this league and in the roster format it’s
QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLX(RB/WR) with K and DST

I like Keke a lot and if he had a better game last week and plays well this week four in a row makes him very tradeable. I actually dropped him to grab Ito when the Freeman news broke and I had a deal with trading Coleman away so wanted to make sure I have a Falcons piece

You’re right to think abt all the RB turmoil wvrghone is facing suddenly. Taking Richard prob has highest probability of helping you somehow in that case. And Foreman too but he’s not worth it yet imo unless he can be placed on IR. And someone else can enjoy Goodwin’s couple big games and the rest of his likely mediocrity. All of those WR’s have very similar prospects. So yeah, maybe just go for Richard at this point. Your team is def set very well as it is so it’s all incremental to you now, and Richard you’ll be able to see immediately pay off (or not). But at least you’ll know.

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Yeah I dropped Chubb a few weeks unfortunately and have really needed rb ‘a all season desperately lol. But he is getting wayyyyy hyped right now as though he is not still on the Browns…as good as he personally is, albeit a future injury case probably given the season he missed at Georgia. Hope that doesn’t happen but they’re gonna watch out for him a lot snap wise.

Thanks man I think I’ll go Richard ahead of time and get a look at that situation after the raiders bye week.
Sanu just got dropped as well but I don’t think he’s playing and is on bye next week so I doubt he’ll get grabbed

Like the dude stayed at UGA just to help the team Win a title, no other reason (maybe graduating? Haha) and then bam, season ending knee. So he is living a fragile existence in the pros and is not gonna fuck with it, nor is the team.

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Agree on Chubb he’s getting picked up and started like the second coming so will have to wait and see if he’s the best waiver pickup this year or just another useful guy

Oh damn, Sanu would be nice to have too…whoever has most trade value in your league. Sounds like people need RB’s of Sanu and all of them are available. Every exchange has two sides…

Appreciate the comment on my trade as well btw. I’m way overloaded on Falcons but starting Off 0-4 gotta do whatever works week by week haha

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