Locket for collins

Hey all,
I’m need of a running back in a 12 team league and I have Antonio brown, Tyler Lockett, Pittman, toney and Keenan Allen. My running backs are nick chubb, Gibson, mckissic and Murray. I also have Brady and Wilson as quarterbacks and kittle and hockenson as tight ends. My league rarely let’s go of running backs, as a result I was thinking of trading lockett for Collins, as it could be the most realistic. What do you think

If Collins can keep the job rest of season it could be a good trade for you especially when Russell is back. I’ve not checked Carson status in a while tbh.

I think you could Probably wait until locket next blow up game and get a more high level rb but given your league is difficult at shifting rb this might be the best you’ll get.

I don’t love it but I don’t dislike it.